Martina Filjak, pianist


MacDowell in Göttingen

The performance of MacDowell's Piano Concerto No 2 along the Göttingen Symphony Orchestra and Svetoslav Borisov was followed with  brilliant reviews:'The Zagreb born pianist Martina Filjak possesses everything needed in order to stand up to the challenges of this concerto: blinding  virtuosity, a sort of somnambulistic precision, incredible finger power and on top of that a finely nuanced touch...her titanic piano playing was overwhelmed with ovations by the audience'. Göttinger Tageblatt

'The tonal variety of MacDowell's gave Filjak a chance to display her enormous versatility; she gave the piece a special depth, not only with her art of playing the piano but also with her gesture. The audience's fascination with this performance was obvious with the ovations and a never ending applause.' Kulturbuero Göttingen


Mozart with the Deutsche Radio Philharmonie

Martina's performance of Mozart concerto No 21 with cadenzas of her own, played along the Deutsche Radio Philharmonie and Peter Hirsch, resulted in enthusiastic reviews: 'Martina Filjak gave Mozart what Mozart is: unpretentious emotion, slender touch and grace....the Andante became a true showcase of sensitivity and self abandonment in music'.

The podcast is available on the following link:

Beethoven in Lübeck

On June 18th and 19th Martina performed Beethoven's 3rd Piano concerto along the Lübeck Philharmonic Orchestra led by Anja Bihlmaier. The performances earned her excellent reviews: 'Already from the very beginning, the pianist showed a clear concept: strong contrasts. The first chords stood upright in the room, chiseled and sharp. The next bars followed in a whisper. Again and again the tension between the two was obvious: the tender piano and a stormy forte'...  'Lübecker Nachrichten'

'Her playing was in the same time powerful and sensitive, virtuoso yet measured and always looking after a good partnership...' 'Unser Lübeck


Mozart in Ohio

With two consecutive performances of Mozart's Piano concerto KV 415, Martina Filjak closed the season of the Toledo Symphony led by Stefan Sanderling. 

The reviewer praised her 'focus on the intimacy of the work, crafting an enticing landscape of color and balance'.

Brahms in Chemnitz

On April 6th and 7th Martina Filjak appeared as a soloist in the 2nd Piano concerto bei Brahms along the Robert Schumann Philharmonie in Chemnitz. After two consecutive performances the reviewer noted: 'With 50 minutes of highest concentration, a madenning  wealth of memory and feeling, physical power and a refined psychological and intuitive gesture for mood changes, Martina Filjak can most certainly play the piano....she was brilliant when she so desired but even more attractive during the wonderful lyric passages. More so, she thinks and feels in music with the orchestra, she knows precisely when to strike a chord on her own and when to let it echo together with the ensemble..So light, with such assured frasing, so romantically silent but never with a drop of kitsch.'

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